by Larry Russell

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As much music as I intend to make in my lifetime, I think Winter will always occupy the most tender spot in my heart. Not just because it was my first "official" release but it came from such an honest and selfless part of me. There were absolutely zero thoughts of money, fame, or impressing anyone but myself when it came to recording this album. It all started as a pretty little riff here and there and before I knew it, I had enough material to do an album. Mind you, there were changes that had to be made, but overall the majority of this album was written in my junior and senior years of high school (I'm 21 and in my senior year of college as of writing this)

Although there are no lyrics, I believe that Winter radiates a very strong narrative. The music was written and arranged as an ode to the feeling I got as a child while exploring the woods surrounding my house in the dead of winter. Being from (and still residing in) southern Louisiana, whenever the temperature drops below 50 degrees, very few southerners want to deal with that. On icy cold evenings, my neighborhood would be a ghost town. I could walk up and down its streets for hours and hours and not see a car passing through, much less someone outside. Being the ("cough cough") normal child I was, I decided to go exploring the dense (almost frighteningly so) woods enveloping my secluded little neighborhood. Although I was completely alone, I never felt loneliness, but solace. Just a time to be by myself and think; to get away from the dreadfully boring neighborhood politics and drama. Even though my memories of those times are flooded with oceans of monolithic dead trees and eerily grey skies, I consider them some of my fondest.


released March 31, 2012

All songs written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Larry Russell
Album Cover photo taken by Corey Addison
Album Cover editing by Larry Russell and Dylan Meinhardt



all rights reserved


Larry Russell Baton Rouge, Louisiana

My name's Larry and I enjoy making music. I hope you enjoy what you hear and I'm thankful for any and all support.

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